Posted: 26th April 2022

3 Basic Mistakes Employees Make When Trying to Get A Promotion

Basic Mistakes Employees Make When Trying to Get A Promotion

Are you trying to get a promotion?

By Team Crescente

Trying to get a promotion? We’ve touched on some key issues to avoid when trying to get a promotion on your chosen career path.

1) Showing your disapproval

Showing your disapproval can manifest in many forms. It is regarded as one of the most common mistakes. Some people do not even realise they are doing it. Threatening to leave or complaining about your position or your salary won’t inspire your manager to promote you.

Additionally, these sorts of conversations are a downer for team members around you and can imply to decision makers that you’re losing or have lost motivation and are straying from the vision within the workplace. In the real world who would want to promote someone who isn’t motivated beyond a salary? Team players are often considered for leadership roles.

2) Thinking the grass is greener

Thinking that the grass is greener is a popular cliché. A better option is to ensure the grass is actually greener. Review your position with yourself and those around you, performance reviews are a good place to start. Have conversations with those responsible for promotions, approach your boss, show interest and ask questions.

Search for opportunities for career growth within the company, and help those who have helped you get to where you are now. Leaving behind the history and a well-established reputation for a new position can have its drawbacks, you need to understand the risks and opportunities. All avenues should be explored before deciding to leave an employer.

3) Burn Out

No promotion, new job title or juicy salary is worth putting your health on the line for. It is not always about the money, prestige or bottom line. We understand there are financial commitments than need to be met, but should these outweigh non-work commitments such as family, hobbies, education?

Try looking at your life and career as having a symbiotic relationship. In the long term, they need each other to thrive and work best when they’re both having their needs met.

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“Is it me or does the grass over there look a lot greener?”