CMI Unit 5033 Communication for Consultants

CMI Unit 5033 Communication for Consultants demonstrates the skills required of a management consultant using verbal and non-verbal communication methods.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of communication
  2. Be able to run effective meetings with clients
  3. Be able to present information, findings, conclusions and recommendations to clients

Course content

1.1 Identify the key factors to consider when preparing to communicate with clients

1.2 Assess the impact of communication skills on the client/consultant relationship

1.3 Explain how different communication methods may be used to identify clients’ needs

1.4 Evaluate the impact of communications skills on achieving intervention objectives

1.5 Explain how client confidentiality is observed by the consultant

2.1 Explain the process of planning and preparing for a meeting with a client

2.2 Identify the key skills required of a consultant when running meetings

2.3 Evaluate the importance of the consultant employing questioning and listening skills during the meeting

2.4 Identify the different types and formats of meetings during the sales and delivery cycles of consulting

3.1 Explain the key principles of delivering a presentation which meets its objectives

3.2 Evaluate the use of presentations as a method of communicating information to clients

3.3 Identify the tools and resources a consultant may use to convey the desired message

3.4 Prepare effective written reports

3.5 Identify the different writing styles which may be used and match these two different situations

Key Features

CMI Unit 5033 Communication for Consultants

Course Summary

Guided Learning

30 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 5033: 70 TUT

Qualification 1

CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting

Qualification 1 Credit Value

Award: 70 TUT; Certificate: 130 TUT; Diploma: 430 TUT

Qualification 2

Chartered Management Consultant (CMC)

Qualification 2 Credit Value

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    Gemma Shone - NHS

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