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CMI Unit 723X Launching Summer 2020!


Guided Learning: x Hours

Unit 723x: x TUT


CMI Level 7 Professional Consulting

Award 70 TUT

Certificate 140 TUT

Dipl0ma: 370 TUT

Extended Diploma 620 TUT

What sets Crescente apart


Interesting Activities, Events and Challenges

Leave your computer behind and choose course content that suits your learning style.

Latest Couse Content

Our training might not change the world but we hope that our forward-thinking can help you be the change.

Boosters and Barriers

Prove your motivation and identify things that will get in the way of your learning.

Self Assesment Tools

Establish your starting point, milestones and expected achievements for each course.

Learn in Phases

Sequence the development of your skills, knowledge and awareness to learn quicker and easier.

Study Maps

Map your leadership and management strengths and development areas.

Contexts and Environments

Contextualise your learning experience to give relevance to each learning activity or event.

Flexible Support from Experts

Different levels of support edible on-demand availability, delivered.

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