Judgement and Decision Making

Developing strong judgement and decision-making skills is essential for success in both personal and professional life. This course provides individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to make effective decisions, manage risk, and think critically, improving their ability to solve complex problems and make strategic choices.

Who’s it for?

A course in Judgement and Decision Making would be beneficial for anyone who needs to make decisions as part of their job, particularly those in leadership or management roles. This includes professionals in a wide range of fields, such as business, healthcare, government, education, and non-profit organisations.


Course content

Understanding the basics of decision-making:
This section of the course covers the fundamentals of decision-making, including various decision-making models, the importance of context, and the role of intuition.

Evaluating options and alternatives:
Here, individuals will learn how to identify and evaluate different options and alternatives when making decisions, including how to use various decision-making tools, techniques, and frameworks.

Assessing and managing risk:
This part of the course will cover the process of assessing and managing risk in decision-making, including how to identify and analyse potential risks and uncertainties and how to use risk management tools and strategies.

Thinking critically:
In this section, individuals will learn how to improve their critical thinking skills, including how to ask the right questions, identify biases and assumptions, and evaluate arguments and evidence.

 Making decisions in groups:
This part of the course will cover the unique challenges and opportunities of group decision-making, including how to manage group dynamics, encourage collaboration and consensus-building, and mitigate groupthink.

Using data and analytics:
Here, individuals will learn how to use data and analytics to inform decision-making, including how to collect, analyse, and interpret data, and how to use data visualisation and other tools to communicate findings.

Ethics and decision-making:
This section of the course will cover the role of ethics in decision-making, including how to identify ethical dilemmas, evaluate options from an ethical perspective, and make decisions that align with personal and organisational values.

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Judgement and Decision Making

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"I just wanted to thank you for the great sessions that have been delivered over the last 4 months, I personally get a great deal to reflect upon out of them and have found the learning to be very insightful within my fairly new role."

Gemma Shone - NHS

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