Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a critical aspect of running any successful business. This course is designed to help individuals understand the key principles of operational excellence, develop skills to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Who’s it for?

This course is ideal for individuals who want to develop their skills in operational excellence, quality improvement, and continuous improvement. It is particularly beneficial for managers and leaders in manufacturing, production, or service industries, as well as professionals in quality control, process engineering, and supply chain management.


About this course

Introduction to Operational Excellence:
Understanding the key principles of operational excellence and how they can be applied to different industries and businesses.

Process Mapping and Analysis:
Learning how to map and analyse processes to identify areas for improvement and increase efficiency.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma:
Exploring the principles of Lean and Six Sigma, and learning how to apply these methods to improve quality, eliminate waste, and reduce costs.

Total Quality Management:
Understanding the key principles of Total Quality Management and learning how to implement these methods to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement:
Developing skills to foster a culture of continuous improvement, including setting improvement goals, implementing improvement initiatives, and measuring and analysing progress.

Key Features

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Available as a standalone course or as part of a programme

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Operational Excellence

Course Summary

Guided Learning

Half-day course*
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"The four-day training course has been really interesting. I have been on training courses before and have dreaded them, and I leave with what was the point! Thinking it had no relevance to me at all. This course with you has been really helpful to me. You have a great personality, are approachable, and friendly which helped me to feel more engaged and happy to interact and learn. So I just want to say thank you again have learned a lot."

Natalie Davies - SW London NHS

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