Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience is a valuable skill that can help individuals cope with stress, setbacks, and challenges in both personal and professional contexts. By taking a course on Personal Resilience, individuals can learn how to cultivate a growth mindset, develop coping strategies, and build their emotional and mental fortitude. This can lead to improved self-confidence, better decision-making, and enhanced overall well-being. Overall, developing Personal Resilience can help individuals thrive in the face of adversity.

Who’s it for?

A course on Personal Resilience could benefit anyone who wants to develop the skills and strategies to overcome challenges and setbacks, build mental and emotional resilience, and achieve greater success and well-being in their personal and professional lives. This could include individuals at any stage of their career, from entry-level employees to senior executives, as well as students, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking personal growth and development.


Course content

Understanding Resilience:

Introducing the concept of resilience and why it is important in personal and professional contexts.

Developing a Growth Mindset:
Providing strategies for cultivating a growth mindset, including reframing negative self-talk, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Building Emotional Intelligence:
Teaching individuals how to identify and manage their emotions, and how to build strong relationships with others.

Coping with Stress:
Providing techniques for managing stress, including mindfulness, relaxation, and cognitive-behavioural strategies.

Developing Resilience Habits:
Highlighting the importance of building healthy habits and routines that promote resilience, including exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

Overcoming Adversity:
Providing techniques for overcoming setbacks and adversity, including reframing negative experiences, and seeking support from others.

Navigating Change and Uncertainty:
Teaching individuals how to navigate change and uncertainty in a constructive and proactive manner, including strategies for adapting to new situations and finding opportunities for growth.

Key Features

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Available as a standalone course or as part of a programme

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Face-to-face / Live virtual / Blended

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Personal Resilience

Course Summary

Guided Learning

Half-day course*
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"I just wanted to thank you for the great sessions that have been delivered over the last 4 months, I personally get a great deal to reflect upon out of them and have found the learning to be very insightful within my fairly new role."

Gemma Shone - NHS

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