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CMI Unit 5030 Planning and Managing Consultancy Interventions

Why take this course?

CMI Unit 5030 Planning and Managing Consultancy Interventions is about understanding the stages of the consultancy cycle and how to manage interventions effectively.

Who's it for?

  1. Understand the need to adopt a structured approach to managing consultancy interventions
  2. Be able to use project management techniques in a consultancy intervention
  3. Know how to conduct a consultancy intervention

What you'll learn?

1.1 Discuss different types of consultancy interventions and approaches available to a consultant

1.2 Evaluate the role of planning in consultancy interventions

1.3 Explain the stages of the consultancy cycle

1.4 Identify the inputs and deliverables at each stage of the consultancy cycle

1.5 Explain how to overcome challenges and risks which may arise during the consultancy cycle

1.6 Evaluate the importance of scoping to a consultancy intervention

2.1 Identify the components of an effective project plan

2.2 Evaluate the need for budgeting of financial and non-financial resources

2.3 Develop systems and practices to identify and manage potential risks to the achievement of project objectives

2.4 Identify an appropriate infrastructure to support project delivery

2.5 Assess the impact of the consultants own role and skills in project delivery

2.6 Evaluate the importance of the project leader quality assuring the work of the project team

3.1 Identify the resource implications for gathering different types of data/information and evaluate their contribution to the project

3.2 Select a range of data analysis tools/models and evaluate the contribution to the success of an intervention project in using a range of tools/models

3.3 Explain how to develop a cohesive set of conclusions/findings

3.4 Describe the process of developing recommendations from the analysis


Guided Learning: 35 Hours

Unit 5030: 80 TUT


CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting

Award: 70 TUT

Certificate: 130 TUT

Dipl0ma: 430 TUT

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