Time Management

Effective time management is a valuable skill in both personal and professional contexts. This course on developing inclusive working practices can teach individuals strategies to optimise their workday, increase productivity, and achieve their goals. By mastering time management skills, individuals can reduce stress, avoid burnout, and better serve their colleagues, patients, and others. In summary, this course can provide individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their work and personal lives.

Who’s it for?

A time management course can benefit employees, managers, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to optimise their productivity and efficiency.


Course content

Understanding the importance of time management:

Introducing the concept of time management, and why it is critical for personal and professional success.

Identifying and prioritising tasks:
Helping individuals determine which tasks are most important, and how to allocate their time most effectively.

Creating effective to-do lists and schedules: Teaching individuals how to create clear and actionable to-do lists, and how to plan their day effectively.

Delegating tasks when appropriate:
Exploring when and how to delegate tasks to others to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Minimising distractions and interruptions:
Examining common distractions that interfere with effective time management and teaching strategies for minimising or eliminating them.

Overcoming procrastination and staying motivated:
Helping individuals overcome procrastination and providing strategies for staying motivated and focused on goals.

Managing email and other digital communication:
Teaching individuals how to manage their email and other digital communication effectively to avoid wasting time.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

Highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life,

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Time Management

Course Summary

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Half-day course*
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Jacqui Margolis Neal’s Yard Remedies - Crescente Management Centre
"John designed a management training to meet our specific business needs. The training sessions were attended by all of our senior managers. Everyone found the course provided an effective and enjoyable development workshop from which they felt better equipped to do their job. I highly recommend John for leadership development programmes."

Jacqui Margolis - Neal's Yard Remedies

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