Posted: 8th December 2022

Crescente is an ELCAS course provider

Crescente is an ELCAS course provider

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The ELCAS scheme and who it’s for

ELCAS stands for Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services. The ELCAS scheme provides funding for nationally recognised qualification for those currently (or formally) members of the armed forces. Essentially, ELCAS is financial support to promote lifelong learning; amongst members of the armed forces. The ELCAS scheme is a great way to give back to service personnel.


Book a meeting now (the simple way to get started)

If you’re just looking at finding out more information and want to speak to a course advisor you can simply book a meeting here now using this LINK. (Select any member of staff and a 30 minute meeting, input your details and submit the form. Done.) Alternatively, just use our Contact form and let us know your a service personnel.


Be the best

The reality of the management industry today is that no particular certifications are needed to become a manager; it’s usually an internal promotion or industry experience that earns one the role. Without proper training, however, this doesn’t guarantee management skills.

Thousands of former military personnel retire from active duty every year in the UK and many look to transfer their skills to the workplace. With teamwork, versatility, energy and a host of other transferable skills, it is no wonder that more and more employers are realising the benefits of employing service leavers. A management course covers the techniques and skills you’ll need to successfully transfer these skills to managing people and processes to achieve results in an organisation; with the added benefit of gaining a nationally recognised qualification.


Who can provide ELCAS courses?

At Crescente, we provide management and leadership training to the MoD (along with other businesses and organisations). We are an approved supplier through the ELCAS scheme. As a result we are able to accept enhanced learning credits for a wide range of our courses (listed below).

We recognise that ex-armed forces personnel come equipped with a lot of desirable traits that new employers look for. We can help you to fine tune your skills and your CV with a CMI management qualification and higher level learning. To achieve this you are entitled to make a maximum of three ELC claims in total, one ELC claim per financial year.

Crescente also recognises the benefits of planning each approach to a specific learner. So we provide our own unique blended learning approach which gives you complete flexibility and personalisation when studying.

If you’re looking to pay for your course via an Invoice, get in touch via our contact page and a member of the Crescente team will help you process your order.


How can I enrol with Crescente for a qualification using ELCAS funding?

Start your course as soon as you’re ready; by logging into the ELCAS website and searching for Crescente.

If there is a particular course you have found on our website that isn’t yet listed on the ELCAS site or our own then contacts us for more information. We are continuously updating our listings.

Getting ELCAS funding for management courses couldn’t be easier.


Looking for more information on CMI?

We’ve completed a series of videos covering CMI Level 3CMI Level 5 and CMI Level 7. Or if you’re simply looking at finding out more about “What is CMI?” as a whole we’ve covered that too.


Our full ELCAS Course List

CMI Management-Leadership qualifications for ELCAS

CMI Level 2 in Team Leading

CMI Level 3 in Principles of Management

CMI Level 4 in Management and Leadership

CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership

CMI Level 6 in Management and Leadership Practice

CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership


CMI Coaching and Mentoring qualifications for ELCAS:

CMI Level 3 in Coaching and Mentoring

CMI Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring

CMI Level 7 in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring


CMI Diversity and Inclusion qualifications for ELCAS:

CMI Level 5 in Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

CMI Level 7 in Diversity and Inclusion


More CMI Courses for ELCAS:

CMI Level 3 in Project Management

CMI Level 5 in Professional Consulting

CMI Level 7 in Entrepreneurial Practice

CMI Level 7 in Professional Consulting


Want more information about CMI?

View the dedicated CMI video below. John, our managing director, goes into detail on what is CMI and each of their qualifications.

If you are looking to learn more about CMI and CMI courses, have a read of our Ultimate guide HERE.

Crescente Management Centre is approved by the MOD



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