Posted: 7th April 2021

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Join the Crescente conversation!

What is leadership and management? At Crescente we’re reinventing leadership and management, why not join the Crescente conversation! We’re all about being modern and pushing for innovation. That means we keep things up to date and interesting for all our clients, learners and fans! Social media has allowed us to interact with the world in great ways and virtually meet with even greater people!

One of the ways we do this is by making the most of our social media channels by posting regularly throughout the week and listening to what you all have to say. We’re on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram (link’s below). Find us on Instagram with a #mindsetMonday tip, or one of our monthly learning burst events on our growing YouTube channel.


Currently, our Youtube channel is our best platform for Q and A’s. Answering questions like What is CMI?, What is CMI level 7?, What qualifications would Crescente pick, and more.


Instagram is about community and making sure leaders past, present, and future can stay in touch.


LinkedIn is where we’re putting our industry news and the more business-oriented side of things.


Facebook is everything in between! News, important dates, events, and the occasional video.


Why not follow this link if you’ve studied with us. Let us and the world know what you think of Crescente.

Join the Crescente conversation!

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