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Management and Leadership skills

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Management and Leadership courses with crescente

Team Leader Programmes

Keeping teams happy and productive is central to delivering great results. Our courses offer core skills for team leaders needing to get great results from their teams while handling day-to-day challenges with confidence. Our courses focus on rapid development, ensuring your team leaders have the skills, behaviours, and confidence to thrive in their roles.

Popular topics include core skills such as planning and organising work and practical problem-solving. Our programmes often include dealing with team conflict, managing individual and team performance and people management skills (managing absence, performance review, coaching).

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Management and Leadership courses for business

Middle Manager Programmes

Middle managers are the key to driving a high-performance culture. We offer a wide range of courses to ensure new and existing managers have the awareness and confidence to manage teams and projects effectively in a hybrid world. Middle managers are typically technical experts, but this doesn’t automatically make them good managers – and that’s where we can help!

Popular middle manager courses and programmes include core skills such as time management, decision making and influencing. Programme components often include managing people and performance, project management fundamentals, leading from the middle and coaching skills.

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Management and Leadership courses for business

Senior Management and Executive Development

We can help you prepare individuals for senior management and executive roles within your business or organisation. As with all our courses and programmes, the focus is on the rapid development of real-world practical skills, offering you a credible alternative (or addition) to existing business school or university education provisions.

Core skills tend to focus on addressing very specific development needs, for example, dealing with ambiguity, anticipatory skills and personal resilience. Popular programme components include leading change, aligning cultures and strategy development and implementation.

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Management and Leadership courses for business
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Delivery Options

Face to face Courses With Crescente

Face-to-face Learning

Face-to-face Learning programmes offer a chance for people to work together. it can really boost better teamwork and can also encourage better awareness of what everyone’s role is.
Virtual Courses With Crescente

Virtual Learning

Our virtual training provides flexibility in multiple ways that normally aren’t available with traditional learning methods. An excellent option for individuals that work remotely or have responsibilities that make it difficult for them to attend a face to face training.
Blended Learning Courses With Crescente

Hybrid and blended Learning

Our own unique blended learning approach gives you complete flexibility over delivery options.

Optional CMI Accreditation

CMI accreditation is an optional component of all our in-house training and development programmes. Contact us to discuss the potential benefits of your programme.

CMI accredited courses for businesses