Posted: 22nd November 2022

Most asked questions about CMI Level 7

Most asked questions about CMI Level 7

Most asked questions about CMI LEVEL 7

Over the past year we’ve collected all the questions we’ve received and reduced them into this article. Have some more questions? Either get in touch or download our CMI Level 7 PDF below.


What is CMI level 7 equivalent to?

CMI Level 7 is Equivalent to a Master’s Degree at a university.


Is CMI Level 7 a Recognised qualification?

It is a globally recognised Qualification. At RQF, it is equivalent to the level of a Master’s degree. The knowledge gained from a CMI Level 7 qualification is known to rival that of a masters qualification at university.


Who is a Level 7 Qualification targeted at? Is this course suitable for me?

A CMI Level 7 qualification is aimed at existing and aspiring Managers who want to enhance their knowledge and get relevant, recognised qualifications for their CV. If you’re unsure about your eligibility get in touch with one of our coaches now.


Is CMI 7 worth it?

By nurturing this skillset, those in senior positions can lay the groundwork for progression to the highest levels of management. CMI Level 7 courses also allow managers with experience and expertise but no formal qualifications to formalise their skills, further enhancing their CV and prospects.

CMI level 7 in professional consulting

Designed for experienced consultants looking to consolidate their knowledge and skills. Work towards achieving Chartered Management Consultant (CMC) status. Learn more about each CMI unit


What is a Chartered Manager salary UK?

Across the United Kingdom, the average salary for a Chartered Manager is £41,172. Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years.


Top CMI Level 7 Courses

At Crescente we offer the complete range of CMI level 7 qualifications. The Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership Practice syllabus covers a wide range of subjects. Three standalone Level 7 Award qualifications are taken from this syllabus, they include:

These can be studied on their own or as part of the CMI Level 7 Certificate or Diploma qualifications. The Diploma entitles you to apply for Chartered Manager (CMgr) status which is only available through the Chartered Management Institute.

Secondly, you can study for the:

Choose from ten subjects that really get into the detail of developing and implementing coaching policy and strategy to change cultures.

And finally, the Professional Consulting syllabus has a choice of seven units leading to:


Watch our latest video covering more questions about CMI Level 7 Qualifications:


What is CMI Level 7? Download as a PDF now.