Posted: 12th July 2021

The ultimate guide to choosing a CMI Course

The ultimate guide to choosing a CMI Course with Crescente - Created by crescente to help you pick the right cmi course for you

The ultimate guide to choosing a CMI Course

Welcome to The ultimate guide to choosing a CMI Course. At Crescente we think the top priority when choosing a course is making sure you find the right course. That means finding a course that teaches you what you need to learn to get the skills and position you want. That’s why we’ve created The ultimate guide to choosing a CMI course. This ultimate guide should give you all the pieces of information that you need to figure out what CMI qualification is correct for you.

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What is CMI?

Below is a video the Crescente team put together that goes into detail about what is CMI?


Why study a CMI Qualification?

CMI qualifications offer more than just nationally recognised courses.

Managers all over the world are familiar with CMI. That’s because it’s one of the world’s best accreditations for managers. The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is one of the UK’s largest professional body for the management and leadership profession. They’re responsible for upholding standards in this sector and for accrediting a range of industry-specific qualifications, aimed at all experience levels.

This means that once you gain a CMI qualification you’re proving to future employers, clients and more that you have the best knowledge and skills that a manager can have. With the demand increasing for performance and skills for managers a CMI qualification will make you stand out.


What factors affect which CMI qualification is right for you?

The first thing that will help you understand which course to pursue is the current level of knowledge you have around the subject you’re willing to dive deeper into. As a result, this allows you to figure out the level at which you will enter your learning. CMI Qualification Levels correspond with the difficulty of the qualification. The higher the number, the more advanced the qualification is. CMI offers qualifications from Level 2, right through to Level 8. Below is a broad overview of the qualifications and the roles that they cover.


Do I need to have a degree to complete a CMI course?

No. Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of senior managers. Some of the best ones have started out as apprentices and worked their way up without ever achieving an academic qualification. You need to be able to write English to a good standard and present documents you’d be happy to put in front of an executive team.

CMI Qualification Levels

CMI Level 2 and 3 qualifications are entry-level courses, aimed at team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers. These courses offer a broad range of knowledge, ranging from team leading to project and resource management.

CMI Level 4 and 5 qualifications are intermediate qualifications, targeted at mid-level managers and department heads who are looking to further their knowledge. These courses focus on developing core management skills such as managing resources, recruitment, and information management.

CMI Level 6 and 7 qualifications are developed for senior managers who have the responsibility to translate organisational strategy into effective performance.

CMI Diplomas, Certificates and Awards

At each CMI Level, there are Diplomas, Certificates, and Awards available. Qualifications are designated as either a Diploma, Certificate, or Award depending on how long they take to complete and the amount of information that they cover.

CMI Awards

Average completion time: 1 to 3 months

These are the shortest qualifications at each level and cover one topic in detail.

CMI Certificates

Average completion time: 3 to 6 months

These are mid-size qualifications that cover several subjects in detail.

CMI Diplomas

Average completion time: 6 to 12 months

These are the most comprehensive qualifications and cover a wide range of topics in detail.

At Crescente Learn, we offer a range of fully flexible CMI qualifications that you can fully complete online.


What to think about when choosing your qualification?

Career goals

Considering your career goals will help you when choosing a CMI course that teaches you what you need to learn for the position, job, and skills you want. Thinking about where you see yourself in five years, both in terms of job position, company and location allow you to choose the right course to set yourself on the correct path. Do you plan to stay at the company you’re currently in and climb the career ladder, or do you intend to find a more senior role at another company? Do you see yourself working in specific management, specialising in a particular subject, or are you more of a generalist, happy to work anywhere?

How you learn

Pinpointing how you learn can dramatically affect your ability to connect with the topics you’re trying to learn. To find out how people learn, learning styles have been categorised into five different types. They are: visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic and multimodal. People use these different styles when processing and retaining information.

At Crescente we develop your course on what works best for you and suits your learning style. Our flexible models, tools and resources mean you get a course, qualification and support that is designed to meet your exact requirements. Having a think about the ways that you learn best will help you determine which type of qualification suits you.

Your time

The overall time of each course will depend on the level and size of the qualification and, to a certain extent, this will be down to the learner. To get a good indication, each unit and qualification has a notional number of hours attached to it, based on the average time it takes to complete.

Finding out how flexible a course is important when it comes to determining if a particular course is right for you. At Crescente our own unique blended learning approach gives you complete flexibility to study how and when you need to.


Why study a CMI course with Crescente Management Centre? (Top CMI Centre Bath)

Crescente distance learning is a flexible and affordable way to study CMI qualifications, for instance, you can start when you like, take as long as you need and take a break from studying when other priorities arise. The point of difference from other providers is our personal approach to your professional development with one-to-one tutorials and professional discussions that strike the right balance of challenge and support for you. Our aim is to become an integral and trusted part of your development network whenever you need us. Our programmes are also available for in-company delivery.