Posted: 22nd March 2022

There is no perfect work-life balance


Stop trying so hard, with work-life balance

Work-life balance is described as the minimisation of work-related stress, and the establishing of a stable and sustainable way to work while maintaining good health and general well-being.

However, when you hear the term ‘work-life balance’ thrown around we often think of having a productive day at work, followed by preparing a home-cooked meal, maybe a quick run finished off by sitting down with the family in the evening. Or nailing that proposal, finishing on time and still managing to get to the gym before it gets too busy.

While this all sounds very appealing and potentially somewhat idealistic it’s because it is. It’s not always possible to control every aspect of your day to day.

Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance.

We’re not talking about being selfish but it’s important to learn to listen to your body and gauge your energy levels which means sometimes saying no to extra plans. Some days you may feel more focused on work, others you’ll be ready for a marathon or two. What’s important is you look to achieve a realistic balance as appose to the one you set up for yourself at the start of the week.

Allowing yourself to have this fluidity in your schedule and realistic expectation of your energy levels will allow you to reduce the risk of burnout and stop striving for these unrealistic portrayals of work-life balance.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create Jana Kingsford