Posted: 3rd September 2021

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Try our free online course


Want to know what studying a CMI course is like?

Since the pandemic, our digital experience with brands has changed. An overload of newly developed online content has left us feeling spoilt for choice. However, this has made it even harder for those trying to find exactly what we’re looking for. So don’t just take a punt on a course, make sure it’s the right one! Try our free online course now.


Our tester course allows you to dive straight into the action and gain access to a course for free.

We think our transparency is key for showing you we’re the brand you can trust. With more and more customers buying online rather than in-person or via the phone we know it’s important to make sure customers like you can find exactly what you need.


Our Course includes

01 Introduction

02 Why study with CMI?

03 Which CMI Qualification is right for you?

04 What CMI Level is right for you?

05 What size of qualification is right for you?

06 Is distance learning right for you?

07 Next steps


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Call or email us at 01225 344 981 or (Don’t worry no bots at Crescente). Speaking of real humans, if you’d like to ask questions to people just like you why not join our Crescente learner chat group.