Posted: 14th June 2022

What is CMI Level 2?

What is CMI Level 2

Who is CMI Level 2 for?

The qualification is suitable for people in team leader roles, supervisor roles and first line manager roles. You don’t have to be in the job role yet to complete the qualification. If you’re not a team leader yet and you’re looking to get qualified and learn a bit more before you begin your role, then it’s is a really good place to start.

Starting your CMI qualification

We provide all variations and Units for CMI Level 2 at Crescente. You can complete an award, a certificate or a diploma. The award is typically made up of one or two units that’s one or two subjects. A Certificate is completed in three units and Diploma is completed in seven units.

You or your employer can pick which units you want to cover from this list. There are 10 units in total. One of our most popular units, and one we recommend highly is unit 2009, which is an introduction to team. Unit 2009 contains all of the things you need to know before you get that first team leader job. Do you know someone who could benefit from that?


Our CMI Level 2 Courses

You can buy now and get started immediately by choosing your preferred qualification below.

We provide every CMI unit available. This means you can customise your qualification to achieve whatever your goal. If you need guidance with crafting the best possible course, contact us for more information using this form or call us today on 01225 344 981.

CMI Level 2 Award in Team Leading – 1 unit

CMI Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading – 3 Units

CMI Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading – 7 Units


Why a CMI qualification is worth it

Most team leaders and managers go through their career without any formal training. CMI says approximately 70% of people are what they term accidental managers. This term encapsulates those who haven’t got any formal management training but have become managers. The qualification ensures you don’t fall into these categories and are equipped with the core knowledge and the right sort of skills to be able to manage. These skills include, people’s absence and performance, the development of your team and handling difficult conversations. Key management skills that are really worth knowing when you’re starting out.


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