Posted: 21st December 2021

What is CMI level 3? Quick Guide


What is CMI level 3?

Here’s our quick summary of CMI level 3. There are three qualifications that we offer at CMI level 3 (Find them here). The three qualifications are The Principles of Management and Leadership, which is the main syllabus. There is also Coaching and Mentoring at level 3 and a Project Management, a standalone course.

If you prefer to watch a video we’ve summed it all up here.


Who is CMI level 3 for?

Level 3 qualifications are particularly useful for team leaders or supervisors. Also, people who are new into management. Your role title might be a bit different to that but in actual fact, the qualifications are ideal for people at those levels. You could be a receptionist manager or second in command or an equivalent role. There are lots of different job titles that fit with these level 3 qualifications.

Principles Of Leadership and Management

The Principles of leadership and management qualification is made up of 21 different units. This means that there are lots of subjects to choose from (and we offer all those units at Crescente). You can study for an award, certificate, or diploma. An award is the smallest size of qualification so typically that’s one or two units. A certificate is two or three units. Finally, at diploma level, you can expect to complete up to seven or eight, possibly even nine units.

Remember: if you want any help on choosing which best suits your goal or information about CMI level 3 principles of management leadership then get in touch here.

Coaching and Mentoring

Next, let’s think about the CMI level 3 in coaching and mentoring. This qualification is made up of six units that you can choose from. To complete an award that’s one unit. A certificate is three units and a diploma is 6. A great feature of this unit is its practicality. You can study coaching and mentoring with CMI through us at levels 5 and 7 but level 3 is the only one that’s practical and focuses on the skills that you might want to develop. This happens by reflecting on the skills that you’ve developed from a practical perspective when coaching and mentoring in the workplace. We’ve found that some people who are in middle management and senior management roles prefer the idea of studying at level 3 for coaching and mentoring because of that practical aspect to it

Project management

Level 3 in project management is a standalone qualification. It’s made up of just one unit, therefore there is only one course to study and one assignment to write. We find that it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to do an exam. On our level 3 course, we cover most of the things that you’re going to cover at level 5. This means that you’re getting the bulk of the course. Additionally, the assignment’s works well as it covers the full project life cycle and a lot of different tools and techniques that similarly to coaching and mentoring the project management qualification is practical too.

Is CMI Level 3 right for me then?

If you’re not sure about studying project management at level 3 then please do check out our level 3 with CMI video. If you’re a team leader or a junior manager or maybe if you’re buying on behalf of somebody e.g. L&D manager and you’re still unsure if it’s right for you then do get in touch. We can have a chat and help you sort of work out and differentiate between the different options available.