Posted: 25th May 2021

Finding a Project Management Course

What is Project Management? - Finding a Project Management Course

What is Project Management?

What is Project Management all about? The Project Management definition is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve specific objectives for the desired outcome to be achieved (something is changing).

Project Management done right helps every aspect of a business run smoothly. Importantly, this means fewer distractions, predictable operations and more control over budgets. For professionals looking to constantly improve, Project Management is the power to take your business to the next level.

What is a project?

A project is something new, something that hasn’t been done before, undertaken to achieve a planned objective. However, a project can be successful or unsuccessful. To be successful, a project must have achieved the objectives according to cost, time and quality. In conclusion, time, cost and quality are the foundation of every project.

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Project Management with Crescente?

Crescente has entered 2021 with an aim to provide a new more immersive wave of content. These manifest in the form of free videos found on YouTube. This of it a bit like free Project Management courses! This means that you can now find all the content you need straight from our YouTube channel. This includes the ever-expanding Crescente Project Management Playlist. Best of all if there’s something we haven’t covered yet just drop us an email and we’ll add it into the queue of upcoming videos.

Lastly, find one of our latest videos covering What is a project (covered in less than 1 minute) below.

What is a Project? (IN UNDER ONE MINUTE!) – Project Management with Crescente

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Project Management Courses

If you want more on Project Management then have a look at our latest Project Management course. The Introduction to Project Management ( course covers all of the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to manage projects. It’s suitable for people managing projects of all different sizes up to several million pounds in value.

In this course, you will learn the background knowledge of Project Management methods and approaches and understand how projects fit within the wider context. Next, you will learn practical tools and techniques for engaging people, managing costs, timescales, scope and quality. Additionally, you’ll learn how to manage risks and control variables to ensure your projects are a success.

Course content

1.1 Define the purpose and structure of a project
1.2 Explain the business contexts of projects
1.3 Identify project success factors and characteristics
1.4 Explain a process model for the management of projects
2.1 Explain project roles and responsibilities
2.2 Describe stakeholder management methods and processes
2.3 Discuss methods to manage the project team
3.1 Discuss a project planning and control cycle
3.2 Explain methods and processes available to plan a project
3.3 Identify methods and processes available to control a project

This course offers the perfect blend of project management knowledge and skills to give you the confidence to achieve great results every time.