CMI Unit 506 Introduction

Introduction to Unit 506

This collection of key resources has been put together to help you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts for unit 506:  Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Some resources will be relevant to a number of Tasks.  In this resource list we have listed these resources under the Task where they may first be applied. As a learner, you should assess and evaluate the wider application.

Aims of Unit 506

Effective management of equality and diversity not only benefits staff and stakeholders, it can positively impact on an organisation’s achievement. This unit has been designed to enable the learner to analyse the requirements for managing, monitoring and reporting on equality, diversity and inclusion. It focuses on the skills required to lead by example and how to adapt leadership styles to support others to see the benefits of inclusive practice. On successful completion of the unit, learners will be armed with the knowledge required to develop and implement an Equality action plan, and monitor its outcomes to make continuous improvement.

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