Agreements and Contracts for Coaching and Mentoring

If you have a coaching or mentoring framework in place then these contracts will be provided for you by your organisation or professional body. It will Isley form a key part of your sign-off as a coach or mentor to demonstrate your knowledge and skill to implement and follow such agreements.

Their purpose is to ensure there is a mutually agreeable arrangement covering the practicalities (location, frequency), relationships (including third parties), processes and how to address problems. This should ensure development activities are focussed, professional, appropriate and (physically and psychologically) safe.

When coaching or mentoring as a manager or leader, it is likely that these agreements are unwritten. Psychological safety is essential for effective coaching and mentoring. The manager must have a clear understanding of the nature of the relationship they have with their teams and team members. Psychological safety is covered in more detail later.

Click on the ‘Materials’ tab for examples of coaching and mentoring contracts.

Research what agreements and contracts people use in your organisation or profession. Are they suitable? E.g., is there too much or too little detail? Aspects of agreement missing?