Workplace Frameworks for Coaching and Mentoring

Organisations and professional bodies can have frameworks for coaching and mentoring. Typically these define the aims, scope and nature of coaching and mentoring within the organisation or profession. Where these frameworks exist, they typically demonstrate a current or historical acknowledgement of the importance (value) of coaching and mentoring to the business.

Frameworks give policy and guidance for the how relationships are started, maintained and ended and from whom to access support and development. Coaching and mentoring training and resources (e.g., psychometric assessments) are also differentiated according to seniority, profession, tenure and need. Relevant goals and metrics are aligned to organisational design and strategy e.g., performance reviews and talent pipelines.

Professional bodies often align career pathways, Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Practice to specified qualifications, skills and behaviours that mentors will use for development and for formative and summarise assessments.