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CMI Unit 612 Coaching Skills for Leaders

About this course

Coaching skills for leaders are an essential toolkit for increasing the skills and motivation of your team members.

Coaching is a powerful learning and development tool. Used effectively, it is able to optimise individual and team performance and the achievement of organisational goals. Coaching skills enable professional managers and leaders to support, motivate and empower individuals and teams in a conversational and insightful way. This contrasts with and complements the use of traditional directive leadership approaches.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the benefits, types and application of coaching used by leaders
  2. Know the skills, techniques and approaches required by leaders to coach

Course content

1.1 Critique the types and forms of coaching used to empower individuals and teams to achieve success

1.2 Research the benefits of coaching for individuals, teams and organisations

1.3 Critically assess how coaching can be applied by leaders in different contexts

2.1 Discuss how leaders can coach individuals using a structured approach

2.2 Critically reflect on how coaching may be adapted to respond to individual need

2.3 Recommend strategies to overcome challenges and barriers which impact on coaching

2.4 Critically reflect on own ability to coach individuals and identify opportunities for improvement

Key Features

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Time-efficient learning that fits around your other commitments

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Apply the learning directly to your current or future work setting

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Expert tutors with real-world senior management experience

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Become a Chartered Manager (CMgr) and Fellow of the CMI (FCMI)

CMI Unit 612 Coaching Skills for Leaders

Course Summary

Guided Learning

15 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 612: 50 TUT

Qualification 1

CMI Level 6 Professional Management and Leadership Practice

Qualification 1 Credit Value

Award: 50 TUT; Certificate: 130 TUT; Diploma: 370 TUT

Qualification 2

CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (370 TUT)

Qualification 2 Credit Value

Unit 612: 50 TUT (Group B option)

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