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Who is this Programme for?

The Team Leader Fundamentals course is designed for individuals who are new to a leadership role or aspiring to become a leader. It is also suitable for current team leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills and improve their team's performance.
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Managers and supervisors

The Team Leader Academy Programme is suitable for Managers and supervisors who want to enhance their leadership and management skills to effectively lead and inspire their teams.
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Project leaders

Project leaders can benefit from the Team Leader Academy Programme as it equips them with the skills to coordinate team members and manage resources to achieve project goals.
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Business owners

Business owners can improve their leadership skills and learn how to build and lead a successful team with the Team Leader Academy Programme.
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Anyone who is responsible for leading a team

Anyone who is responsible for leading a team can benefit from the Team Leader Academy Programme as it covers a range of topics, including communication, delegation, conflict resolution, and performance management, essential skills to become an effective leader.

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Delivery Options

Live virtual classroom

This is our standard method of delivery. Our live virtual training is an excellent option for individuals that work remotely or have responsibilities that make it difficult for them to attend a face-to-face training. It also reduces the time away from work.

Face to face learning

Face-to-face learning offers a chance for people to learn together and discuss current workplace issues. Learning together boosts teamwork and engagement.

Hybrid/ blended learning

Typically a mixture of online learning, work-based learning and face-to-face or virtual sessions. Blended learning typically includes classroom sessions, small group activities and individual coaching. A blended learning approach gives you complete flexibility over delivery options and can reinforce and embed your key messages.