Assertiveness Skills

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Assertiveness is one of the cornerstones of personal effectiveness. Assertiveness skills help us to better understand our own wants, needs and preferences in different contexts. With this greater level of awareness we can set and maintain clear boundaries and expectations with other people. By doing so we can avoid being overly aggressive or passive. Instead, we can say 'no' without feeling guilty, ask for what we want without seeming demanding and we can give other people credit for taking responsibility for their own actions.

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Assertiveness skills are for everyone! This course is suitable for team members, managers and leaders in any role and any level. Assertiveness skills help understand ourselves better and improve our communication with colleagues, team members and customers alike.

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Key topics covered on this course: HOW DOES ASSERTIVENESS HELP US? Consider the benefits of assertiveness skills with examples of hoe it works in different contexts. ALL ABOUT YOU Recognise your natural style and approach to people and tasks at work. WHAT IS ASSERTIVENESS? Appreciate the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours. THEORETICAL MODELS Explore different theoretical models used to underpin Assertiveness Skills, thinking and knowledge. PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES Recognise the games people play and how to avoid or end them. SAYING YES, SAYING NO Set expectations for yourself, colleagues and customers. Better manage their own workload by accepting and refusing tasks appropriately. MANAGE PRIORITIES AND WORKLOAD Renegotiate your priorities and responsibilities in a respectful professional manner. LEARNING FROM FEEDBACK Choose how to accept, reject and learn from feedback from others. GIVING FEEDBACK TO OTHERS Give praise and constructive criticism to colleagues and co-workers in a professional, positive and compassionate manner.

Assertiveness Skills

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"I just wanted to thank you for the great sessions that have been delivered over the last 4 months, I personally get a great deal to reflect upon out of them and have found the learning to be very insightful within my fairly new role."

Gemma Shone - NHS

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