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CMI Unit 7002 Developing Performance Management Strategies

About this course

CMI Unit 7002 is a detailed exploration of coaching and mentoring in relation to improving individual and team performance.

Learning outcomes

  1. Be able to set performance targets of teams to meet strategic objectives
  2. Be able to agree team performance targets to contribute to meeting strategic objectives
  3. Be able to monitor actions and activities defined to improve team performance
  4. Be able to apply influencing and persuading skills, to the dynamics and politics of personal interactions

Course content

1.1 – Assess the links between team performance and strategic objectives

1.2 – Evaluate tools and techniques available to set team performance targets

1.3 – Assess the value of team performance tools to measure team performance

2.1 – Determine required performance targets within teams against current performance

2.2 – Discuss the need to encourage individual commitment to team performance in achievement of organisational objectives

2.3 – Relate the application of delegation, mentoring and coaching to the achievement of the organisational objectives

2.4 – Evaluate a team performance plan to meet organisational objectives

3.1 – Assess the process for monitoring team performance and initiate changes where necessary

3.2 – Evaluate team performance against agreed objectives of the plan

3.3 – Evaluate the impact of the team performance in contributing to meeting strategic objectives

4.1 – Determine influencing and persuading methodologies to gain the commitment of individuals to a course of action

4.2 – Discuss the impact of individual dynamics, interests and organisational politics on securing the commitment of individuals to a course of action

Key Features

CMI Unit 7002 Developing Performance Management Strategies

Course Summary

Guided Learning

25 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 7002: 70TUT
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