CMI Unit 302 Managing Team Performance

The ability to manage teams, which are able to communicate effectively and overcome barriers to achievement, is a critical skill for any manager. High performing cohesive teams are created in an environment where there is a collective understanding of values, goals and objectives.

About this course

This unit has been developed to support managers in understanding the nature of teams in the workplace, and how these can be managed to achieve results.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the role and purpose of teams
  2. Be able to recognise the characteristics of a high performing team
  3. Know how to lead, communicate with and motivate a high performing team
  4. Know how to respond to challenges when managing a team proactively
  5. Know how to manage the performance of a team

Course content

1.1 Define the purpose of teams

1.2 Explain types of teams in an organisation

1.3 Summarise the roles in a team using a recognised theory

1.4 Explain how members of a team affect team dynamics

1.5 Identify the advantages and disadvantages of team working and lone working

2.1 Outline the characteristics of high performing team

2.2 Discuss behaviours which can be observed in a high performing team

3.1 Identify advantages and disadvantages of leadership styles that can be used to manage a high performing team

3.2 Assess communication methods used for different types of teams

3.3 Explain how to motivate a team to achieve results

4.1 Explain the challenges of managing a team

4.2 Explain how to respond to challenges proactively

4.3 Outline approaches to absence management

5.1 Outline approaches to ensure team members work to a shared purpose

5.2 Explain how to allocate work to team members

5.3 Identify methods of monitoring team performance

5.4 Explain how to provide feedback on individual and team performance

Key Features

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CMI Unit 302 Managing Team Performance

Course Summary

Guided Learning

23 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 302: 53 TUT

Qualification 1

CMI Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership

Qualification 1 Credit Value

Award: 40 TUT; Certificate: 121 TUT; Diploma: 370 TUT
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