CMI Unit 305 Building Stakeholder Relationships

Developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders is an essential management skill. Stakeholders can have a positive or negative impact on the success of an organisation.

About this course

The aim of this unit is to equip managers to identify and understand stakeholder’s needs, know the purpose and benefits of building relationships with different stakeholder groups, and the methods of communicating with them to achieve results.

Learning outcomes

  1. Know the purpose of building stakeholder relationships
  2. Understand different channels and types of communication used to build relationships with stakeholders
  3. Know how to respond to barriers when communicating with stakeholders
  4. Know how to use stakeholder communication

Course content

1.1 Identify a range of stakeholder groups relevant to the manager

1.2 Explain how to assess the needs and expectations of stakeholder groups

1.3 Assess the benefits of building relationships with stakeholders

2.1 Compare the channels of communication used to build stakeholder relationships

2.2 Discuss types of verbal communication used with stakeholders

2.3 Explain how active listening is used to build stakeholder relationships

2.4 Discuss types of written communication used with stakeholders

2.5 Discuss how meetings can be led to develop and build effective stakeholder relationships

3.1 Explain barriers to effective communication with stakeholders

3.2 Discuss ways of responding to barriers when communicating with stakeholders

4.1 Discuss the importance of stakeholder feedback

4.2 Compare methods of gathering feedback from stakeholders

4.3 Discuss the use of stakeholder feedback

Key Features

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CMI Unit 305 Building Stakeholder Relationships

Course Summary

Guided Learning

20 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 305: 40 TUT

Qualification 1

CMI Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership

Qualification 1 Credit Value

Award: 40 TUT; Certificate: 121 TUT; Diploma: 370 TUT
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