CMI Unit 2009 Introduction to Team Leading

About this course

CMI Unit 2009 Introduction to Team Leading gives you confidence when leading teams in different situations and the skills to plan, deliver and monitor work.

You will explore the role of the team leader and plan your own development whether you are new to team leading or have past experience. Learn how to build effective relationships with colleagues based on trust. Try different approaches to delegating and how to communicate instructions and plans to different people in different work situations. Learn how to give feedback to colleagues so they can learn from mistakes constructively. And learn how to monitor the work of the team to achieve key performance goals.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the role of the team leader
  2. Be able to construct a personal development plan
  3. Understand and communicate instructions and plans
  4. Understand how to develop and maintain working relationships
  5. Understand how to construct and monitor a work plan
  6. Understand how to give feedback to the team

Course content

1.1 Describe the role and responsibilities of the team leader

1.2 Explain the knowledge and skills required of the team leader

1.3 Compare own knowledge and skills against those required

2.1 Construct a personal development plan that supports and develops existing skills and knowledge

3.1 Explain methods used to check and confirm instructions from the line manager

3.2 List those with whom the team leader communicates and the reasons for those communications

4.1 Describe methods for maintaining and developing relationships with those whom the team leader communicates

5.1 Describe a work plan constructed by the team leader

5.2 Identify how work plan progress would be monitored and evaluated

5.3 Explain the role of the team leader in coaching team members to support their performance

6.1 Describe methods of giving feedback to the team on progress and performance

Key Features

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Learn at your own pace, choose when to start and finish the course

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Time-efficient learning that fits around your other commitments

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Apply the learning directly to your current or future work setting

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Expert tutors with real-world management experience

CMI Unit 2009 Introduction to Team Leading

Course Summary

Guided Learning

25 Hours

Course / Unit Credit Value

Unit 2009: 60 TUT

Qualification 1

CMI Level 2 Team Leading

Qualification 1 Credit Value

Award: 50 TUT; Certificate: 150 TUT; Diploma: 380 TUT
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