Posted: 25th November 2020

What is CMI Level 7?

What is CMI level 7?  The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) offer management and leadership qualifications in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it tricky to know which qualification and subjects to choose.  As an approved CMI centre with 16 years experience delivering accredited management and leadership courses we’re used to helping people decide what’s right for them. Here’s our guide to CMI level 7 courses and qualifications.

What is level 7 equivalent to?

Let’s start with the basics. Level 7 is equivalent to studying at post graduate level, so CMI Level 7 qualifications are equivalent to postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, PGCE or Masters degree level. CMI qualifications are vocational which means they are equivalent to advanced skills training and professional education.

Just in case you want to know, Level 7 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is level 11 in Scotland and level 9 in Ireland. Contact us if you would like more information on Qualification and Credit Frameworks in your region or visit

Do I need to have a degree?

No. Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of senior managers. Some of the best ones have started out as apprentices and worked their way up without ever achieving an academic qualification. You need to be able to write English to a good standard and present documents you’d be happy to put in front of an executive team.

Who should study at level 7?

CMI level 7 qualifications are for people with experience of managing individuals, teams and organisations. They’re also suitable for people in specialist professional job roles. For example, you might be an operational manager or regional manager looking to step up into a senior role. CMI level 7 qualifications are also suitable for department heads, directors, business owners and executives. Specialist roles might include HR and OD professionals. Professional coaches, mentors and consultants will also benefit from studying at this level.

What qualifications are there?

Crescente offer the complete range of CMI level 7 qualifications. The Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership Practice syllabus covers a wide range of subjects. Three standalone Level 7 Award qualifications are taken from this syllabus, they include:

These can be studied on their own or as part of the CMI Level 7 Certificate or Diploma qualifications. The Diploma entitles you to apply for Chartered Manager (CMgr) status which is only available through the Chartered Management Institute.

Secondly, you can study for the:

Choose from ten subjects that really get into the detail of developing and implementing coaching policy and strategy to change cultures.

And finally, the Professional Consulting syllabus has a choice of seven units leading to:

If you’re developing your career as a freelance consultant or perhaps working at an internal consultant within an organisation this qualification is unique in the marketplace. Having successfully completed the Diploma in Professional Consulting you can apply for Chartered Management Consultant (CMC) status. The Institute of Consulting (IC) is the only body in the UK able to offer Chartered Management Consultant status.  Contact us for more information on this sought after qualification.

What is the course content?

All of the level 7 CMI qualifications focus on developing strategy, with each unit covering a separate topic, for example Unit 704 Developing Organisational Strategy.

Typically, each unit starts off by asking you to critically appraise the nature, approaches and impact of the subject. Then the second half of each unit is where you choose a suitable real-life example (usually your current or past employer) for which you must develop relevant strategy (plan, policy et cetera) and then create a plan for how you would implement it. By the end of each unit, our aim is for you to have something that you’d be able to use for real, if you needed to.

The course content itself will depend on the context you are working within and during our tutorials we will help you to identify suitable learning sources / resources. The CMI ManagementDirect online library has a wealth of course content and learning resources we can curate for you.

You can find an outline of every CMI unit on our website and contact us for more information on a particular unit by completing the contact form on the relevant page.

Professional development

With such a wide range of qualifications and units CMI level 7 has most skills-gaps covered. Everyone on our distance learning or in-company courses have identified areas for their own professional development (or had them pointed out to them by their team or their manager!). The CMI’s own research suggests that 70% of managers have had no formal training which would suggest there’s plenty of room for managers and leaders at all levels to formalise their hard-earned experience into an internationally recognised qualification.

Why study with Crescente Management Centre?

Our distance learning is a flexible and affordable way to study CMI level 7 qualifications, for instance, you can start when you like, take as long as you need and take a break from studying when other priorities arise. Our point of difference from other providers is our personal approach to your professional development with one-to-one tutorials and professional discussions that strike the right balance of challenge and support for you. Our aim is to become an integral and trusted part of your development network whenever you need us. Our level 7 programmes are also available for in-company delivery.

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