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Cyber Security

In today’s world our businesses and personal lives are tied to technology. As a result, we are told we should be ‘cyber-secure’. As leaders, do we really understand what this means and how we embed a cyber-secure culture across our business?

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Cyber Security courses for business

Management and Leadership

The performance of your business is in the hands of your managers and leaders. And yet, according to recent research, 70% of mangers have no formal management training. As a specialist training provider, we can help your managers and leaders to develop a wide range of behaviours, skills and knowledge needed to drive the future success of your business.

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Diversity and Inclusion

In modern organisations, leaders recognise that a diverse workforce offers a competitive advantage when delivering goods and services to diverse customers. However, working to embrace diversity can drive misunderstanding and uncertainty amongst individuals and teams. Our Diversity and Inclusion courses bridge the gap between recognising the behaviours that unlock this capability and actually practising them day-to-day.
Diversity and inclusion courses - Crescente

Diversity and Inclusion for Teams

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Diversity and Inclusion for Managers

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Inclusive Leadership

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Sustainability Leadership

The climate emergency is now squarely on everyone’s agenda. Since COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, a key leadership priority is achieving sustainability and creating a circular economy where pollution and waste are accounted for and ultimately eliminated. For businesses and organisations, this will be a complex problem to solve, requiring new thinking and action for leaders, managers and teams.

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Sustainability Leadership courses for business

Mental Health and Wellbeing

A toxic work environment can be corrosive for our mental health. As an employer or employee, we all need to play our part in creating mentally healthy workplaces where people feel included and safe. Leaders, managers and teams each need to know their role in creating thriving work environments. Addressing wellbeing is good for business too, with research indicating this results in a 12% gain in productivity.

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Mental health courses with crescente

Coaching, Mentoring and Talent Innovation

With so many new challenges facing businesses and organisations, recruiting and retaining talented people to deliver your strategic goals is essential. At Crescente, we’ve noticed many organisations relying on their leaders and managers for identifying and nurturing people to reduce skills gaps, drive business growth and improvement. Managers need innovative talent frameworks and embedded coaching and mentoring behaviours and cultures.

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Coaching, Mentoring and Talent Innovation courses for businesses

Beyond Customer Experience

In 2021, as a result of global supply-chain issues, Covid and the climate emergency, the world changed forever. As a result, our customers’ experience was disrupted, forcing people to interact with organisations and suppliers in new ways. Within industry rapid developments in AI and other technologies has further driven the pace of change. We think the answer is to go beyond customer experience to ensure our continued success.

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Customer service courses


Crescente has 17 years’ experience working in NHS and private healthcare in England and Wales. We know healthcare comes with its own unique challenges for medics and managers, clinicians and commissioners. Having worked with our NHS customers and colleagues throughout the pandemic, we know first-hand how tired people are, the daunting task of tackling waiting lists, ongoing recruitment challenges, all whilst implementing programmes of improvement.

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